David Cole

Smirnoff _ Skye + Chris

Live from EDC Las Vegas

This festival season, Smirnoff asked us to get millions of people outside the festival to care about what was going on at their onsite Smirnoff House during EDC Las Vegas. Not just a festival, EDCLV is religious experience for some. This year would be the first year that federally-sanctioned gay marriages would be performed at EDC Las Vegas since last year's SCOTUS ruling, and we made that dream come true for one couple.

The Livestream

We decided to make our couple's wedding a little more special by live streaming the ceremony on Facebook and throwing a reception at the Smirnoff House in their honor. We released the video content the following weekend aligning with NYC Pride and on the one year anniversary of SCOTUS Marriage Equality. 


We invited the fans of Smirnoff and EDC to watch our livestream of the event on our Facebook page.


We reached over 17M people on FB and got 4.8M views across Facebook and YouTube.

Copywriter: Shanie Trice

Art Director: David Cole